Noise Barrier

Noise barrier (also called a sound wall, sound berm, sound barrier, or acoustical barrier) is an exterior structure designed to protect inhabitants of sensitive land use areas from noise pollution. Noise barriers are the most effective method of mitigating roadway, railway, and industrial noise sources – other than cessation of the source activity or use of source controls.

Noise Barrier Detail:
Noise barrier have various of style,we attach any popular which in the markets.
    a.camber top noise barrier;
    b.Bevel top noise barrier;
    c.Big camber noise barrier;
    d.Shutter noise barrier;
    e.Perforated metal noise barrier;
    e.concave-convex perforated metal noise barrier

noise barriersound wallacoustical barriernoise barrier
Applications of Noise Barrier:
a.Highway noise walls;
b.Railway noise walls;
c.Airport noise barrier;
d.Airport jet blast barrier;
e.Bridage noise barrier;
f.Industrial noise barrier;
g.Roof mounted barrier;
h.Obscuration screens;
i.Security fence,etc

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