Pressed Spear Fencing

pressed spear fencingornamental fence


Pressed Spear Fencing also called ornamental fence,decorate fence.The Spear top design of the tubular fence creates an aesthetically pleasing fence which at the same time deters intruders. This fence is suitable for commercial properties, schools and boundary fencing.

Pressed Spear Fencing Detail:

Model Number:HT-06
Place of Origin:Anping,China
Frame Finishing:
Item:Pressed Spear Fencing,Ornamental fence,Decorate fence
Material:Galvanized tubular Steel

decorate fencepressed spear fencing

Advantages of Pressed Spear Fencing:

    a.Aesthetic Security
    c.Deters Pedestrian Scaling
    d.Perfect for Estates
    e.7 Unique Grades
    f.7 Rich Colors
    g.U-Frame Gates
    h.Beveled Rails for Strength
    i.True Height Panels & Posts

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