Gabion&Gabion Mesh

gabionsgabion mesh

Gabions and Gabion Mesh have many practical applications along with many specialty uses as well. With steel wire mesh in the form of a gabion, along with the right geotextile and drainage plan, you can create an amazing retention wall. Retaining walls made from gabion baskets are being used around the globe and are being seen as a great sustainable solution.Anping County Hangtong Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd can bring you different feeling.

Gabions&Gabion Mesh Detail:
Model Number:HT-11
Place of Origin:Anping,China
Frame Material:Metal
Metal Type:Iron
Frame Finishing:PVC Coated
Pressure Treated Wood Type:Heat Treated
Item:Gabion Mesh & Cages
Material:High quality low carbon steel wire Q195
Wire Guage:From 0.5mm to 4mm
Mesh Aperture(inch):1/2,3/4,5/8,1,5/4,3/2,2,3,etc
The tolerance:L±3%,W±5%,H±5%
Finished: Hot-dipped Galvanized then PVC coated/Electro-Galvanizd then PVC coated

gabion boxgabions

Advantages of Gabions&Gabion Mesh:
Flexibilty is an important beneft of any gabion structure. Since the baskets are constructed of galvanized mesh wire and filled with rock, the flexibility of a gabion structure allows it to withstand pressure without deforming, cracking or breaking as in the case of concrete and other materials. There are very few limits when it comes to the construction of a gabion wall. Walls can be constructed following grade along a road, tapered on top to follow changing elevation or terraced creating stunning flower gardens that can flow over the wall.

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