High Security Fence

High security fenceHigh security fence


High Security Fence(358 security panels,Anti-climb Security Fence) are extremely difficult to penetrate, with the small mesh aperture being effectively fingerproof, and extremely difficult to attack using conventional hand tools. designed to provide a higher level of deterence through its tightly fabricated design. The security fence configuration is constructed to supply high levels of delay with a surface that discourages cutting and climbing.

High Security Fence Detail:

Model Number:HT-02
Place of Origin:China
Frame Material:Metal
Metal Type:Low carbon steel wire
Frame Finishing:PVC Coated
Surface Treatment Type: Heat Treated
Item:358 high security fence
Panel Width:From 1000mm to 3000mm
Panel Height:1600mm,1800mm,2000mm,2350mm,2500mm,2800m,3000mm
Wire Diameter:From 3mm to 4mm
Mesh Aperture:12.7*76.2mm
Finished:Galvanized or Galvanized of PVC coated
Popolar Style Fence In Market:fence height 1800mm,2000mm,2500mm,3000mm
Color Range:PVC coated:RAL6005,RAL9005,RAL9010 other color can make as your interesting

High Security Fence Applications:

    a.Petroleum and Chemical Facilities
    b.Power Plants and Substations
    c.Manufacturing Plants
    d.Military Sites and Government Facilities
    h.Ports of Entry

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